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Amphibians Pack

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Designer:  bunteriro
Original Creator:  ZTABC
Requires:  ZTUC and Amphibia
Public Domain:  Yes
Language:  German and English
Bugs:  No zoopedia and no new icons
Description:  They are based on the goliath frog, Australien green tree frog, and great crested newt (AMPHIBIA by ZTABC Team).
The alpine salamander is terrestrial (using the behaviour and animations of the BF komodo dragon), eats insects and gives live birth. Thanks to Thom for helping with the live birth coding.  The Moroccan painted frog has 3 variants but no baby variant coding, so they will grow up to the greenish skin on the left.  They do come with dynamic signs.

Download Link:

English:   https://app.box.com/s/dniradt8xs774et95tgbme5v8d4govqe

German:   https://app.box.com/s/s4qzax72ajoph1cgqf1wglk4znbc0806

Hashtags: #bunteriro #pack #amphibians #frog #salamander #toad #signs #alpine #Moroccan #painted #oriental #fire #bellied

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