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Unadoptable Extinct Animals Hack

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Designer: Lgcfm
Requires: EA
Public Domain: Yes
Bugs: None
Description: This hack will remove animals from the EA expansion from the animal adoption menu. The files are still there and fully functional, and you can create them through the cloning center. EA items like buildings, foliage etc. are still there. This hack does not affect downloaded animals.

This hack was made with 3 ideas in mind:

1. A lot of people don't (regularly) use extinct animals in their zoos. With this hack you won't have (non-downloaded) extinct animals in the adoption tab, reducing clutter, and hopefully loading time (unsure about this).

2. Most EA "remakes" are not actually remakes, but coded as separate animals that don't override the original. With this hack you can download say a Tyrannosaurus and you won't have the Blue Fang Tyrannosaurus still in the menu, effectively making it a kind-of remake. For EA remakes that do override the animal, just make sure they are below the hack (that's why it's called xx and not zz) and they should work properly. If not just remove the xml of the animal you want from the file.

3. If we speak "realistically" (all things considered), you shouldn't be able to buy dinos. I think making them only obtainable through the cloning center is a nice mechanic and extra challenge if you want a small change in gameplay.

xxUnadoptable Extinct.z2f

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