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JPOG: Gondwana

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Designer: Thylaco, with several models used with permission from Aincientspino & DPJWei
Original Creator: Blue Tongue
Requires: Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, not compatible with other mods that add dinosaurs.
Public Domain: No
Language: English, files for the other languages are edited, but not translated.
Bugs: Tranquillising the Alvarezsaurus and Mangahouangasaurus will eventually cause the game to crash. Reaching 5 stars may cause the game to crash.
Description: A mod including dinosaurs and some non dinosaurs from all over the lands of Gondwana. It was made before the ability to modify models with blender.
Screenshot: Full Gallery of animals

Download Link: JPOG: Gondwana
Hashtags: #dinosaurs #South America #Africa #Australia #India #Madagascar #Antarctica

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