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Dear Friends, 

It seems the news media thrive on the 'worst' of human nature - seeking mainly to report on the stories that will shock and outrage those who hear/read about them. Indeed, it would appear that the media believe their audience also 'thrive' on the daily ration of doom and gloom served up to them. While it is true though that there is much in the world that casts a shadow, it's only one half of the story - the other half is what this forum is all about. 

Life - Sunny Side Up offers an 'alternative' daily ration of news stories that will uplift us,  inspire us and restore our faith in humanity. In addition, we can enjoy the beauty of nature and the wonderful animal kingdom. We also have 'leisure time' topics, daily chit-chat and other odds'n'ends, please feel free to join in - or add something of your own.

Because of the 'upbeat' nature of L.S.S.U, there are no 'controversial' type topics here, such as politics/religion, but it's hoped that they won't be missed :)
Thank you for dropping by and I hope you will enjoy your visit - Nan smile.gif.1605ecff1b3d85c6d7b4691793e5582d.gif

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