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Bike of the month March

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okay guys, for the calendar 2013 we are going to run it a bit different.

there is now going to be a bike of the month competition, the winner of each month will get a free visor sticker and their bike will go in the 2013 calendar of that month.

how it will work is during a month people can post up a picture of their bike (the thread will be locked on the first day of the next month and a new thread started for that month will be opened) , the better the pictures the more likely you will get votes, and then the first 14 days of the next month there will be a new topic where people can say the name of the person with the picture on who they wish to vote for. This way people cant vote for themselves. Also could you keep hold of your pictures as if you win i will ask you to email the image to me (Chad) so it will be better quailty when its eventually used for the calendar

the rules are:

1) one picture per a person per month(others will be removed)
2) no voting for yourself
3) no spaming of the topic just keep it to the pictures and no conversations(anything else but pics ,will be removed)chat about it here /t4257-bike-pic-of-the-month-chat#57972
4) the photo has to have been taken that month of one you own

okay so pictures here are for March. make them good guys!

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sorry its not a great one! cant ride till end of month, maybe a better one next month Smile

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