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Donington forced to break MotoGP deal with Circuit of Wales -

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It was all a bit bizarre.

Circuit of Wales was NEVER going to be ready for 2015,
and it's very unlikely to be up and running by 2016 (if ever!)
Yet they were awarded the MotoGP, they then subbied it out to Donington,
a non-GP spec track with the promise of a cash payment to upgrade the track.
CoW are still struggling for more government backing and local council approval so are
in no position to be handing money out to others.... so.....
It go's back to Silverstone where it was anyway!

Shame. Donnington would make a much better circuit than the flat track
at Silverstone when the fans complain about being to far away.

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Both are a bit over 10,000 miles for me so there's not that much difference.

not when you put it like that m8. i'll keep me gob shut then. Smile

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