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New Download Guidelines

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Here are the new download guidelines:

  • When you post your downloads, they will have to be approve by staff before the topic will be visible to everyone.
  • You can upload your mods to your posts.
  • Please only post your own downloads.  If you have permission from the designer, please post that in your posts.
  • Please give detail information about the downloads and post screenshots.
  • If it is an utility/hack, please give a detail description.

This guidelines can be updated at anytime, please check this topic often.

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Important:  If you are uploading your mods as attachments, there is an issue when the mods are large in size.  When you try to submit the post, you will see a white page with black numbers above a rotating black dots.  Just let the page stay open after awhile the post you were trying to submit will load again.  Just click the submit button again.  The post will be send the second time.  This issue will also happen if you are editing a post to add or replace an attachment.   This issue does not always happen.  It is random.

Edited by SLGray

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