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New Clubber = 4 Days Of Confusion lol

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Joined the Club on Tuesday and - not being used to this type of forum - I've been in a state of confusion ever since, confused.gif.471fbf84a56bdaa9778fa8ceef926854.gif though I'm gradually finding out the workings bit by bit.

In all my years of being online and all the different types of sites I have been on - this is the first time I've been in on the launching of a 'brand new' hosting site that is only just getting started. It will be very interesting to see how Forums Club grows and fares against the vast competition out there.- and I hope it does do well smile.gif.82caca99b7957c8dab1e251ac59d8f53.gif

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hello @NanDee

thank you for sharing your opinion with us.

like every new project, it takes time to adapt, especially if you are used to using similar systems. habits are hard to change but nothing is impossible.

I don't know if you were at the launch of Forumotion, but forums only had a few features and the forumers said the same thing about the project. look at the large community that Forumotion has become today. but it would never have been possible without the support, patience and willingness of the forum membres and administrators who supported us and were patient until the project came to life. 

it is you users and admin of collabs who are the real resource of this project. by bringing your collabs to life, inviting your members, friends to join them and sharing them on social networks to make them known and attract people that you will succeed in growing your communities and ForumsClub with.

in the meantime, we are accompanying you and making the project evolve technically by taking into account your feedbacks ;)


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No I wasn't in at the launch of forumotion - though I did just recently create a forum there and was only at the design stage when I saw the ad for this place and thought I'd check it out. I didn't have anything to transfer but in any case - I thought if I decided this wasn't for me - I would still have my forumotion to go back to and continue with. :)

I'm looking forward to seeing what future features may be added - and I am hoping that one of them will at some point be the ability to add a little more color to our forums - I do struggle a bit with all the white. Even if we can't add background images like forumotion, it would be nice to at least be able to reduce the amount of white. :) 

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