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No Gym Today Because...

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A new survey examined how enthused 2,000 Americans were to exercise—and it revealed the weird and common excuses people give for staying home.

Most Common Excuses

Too tired – 63% / Too hot – 39% / Too cold – 39% / Too much work – 35% / Just ate – 31%

Walked a lot today – 27% / Recovering from last workout – 27% - That would be me lol 

Gym too crowded – 22% / Taking care of kids – 17% / Gym is too out of the way – 17%

Climbed a lot of stairs today – 15% / No clean gym clothes – 15% / 

I have a meeting tomorrow – 15% / I feel self conscious today – 14%

I just got my hair done – 12% / Picking up kids is my workout – 10% / Just got my nails done – 9%

(This one is my favorite) - My phone battery is too low – 10% - What ??? this one belongs in the list below laughing.gif.dd6e87ada2d842d7f460e7752192cd20.gif

Craziest Excuses

1. My cat is depressed / 2. I had to take my son’s bicycle into service / 

3. I exercised in my dreams - So that's why I'm still tired some mornings laughing.gif.dd6e87ada2d842d7f460e7752192cd20.gif

4. I stubbed my pinky toe / 5. My pancreas hurts / 

6. I took Viagra and am too engorged to wear workout clothes - I'm speechless - but my mind is in overdrive smiley-laughing013.gif.42b17c2697e863f837a4728c243d67ac.gif

A simple headache, backache, cold or flu would have sufficed in a lot of these cases Lol

There is more to this article Here

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