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Why Fiber May Be Exactly What You Need For Stubborn Ailments.

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Without having much education on the subject, most people understand that fiber is an important part of a healthy diet. There are many reasons why fiber is an invaluable nutrient to the human species, but only 5% of Americans are likely to consume an ideal amount of it as recommended by the US Dietary Guidelines.

Misunderstandings about what fiber actually is, what fiber does, where it comes from, and how much is required, altogether serve to distort the picture of fiber in the diet. Most Americans are aware that fiber is good for digestion and for promoting healthy bowel movements, but beyond the stick of celery with buffalo wings and whole wheat bread, statistics show that people don’t actually know very much about it.

The consequences of misunderstanding fiber result in far more than the occasional bout of indigestion, and they can result in a variety of different upsets from immune-system health to hormonal production.

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