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Western Things 1.1

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Posted (edited)

Designer: Station Jim Jr
Original Creator: Station Jim Jr
Requires: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and possibly Wild!
Public Domain:  Yes
Language:  English
Bugs: none
Description:   143 western pieces including walls, windows, fences, flags, billboard signage, lamps and a medicine wagon.

EDIT-Western Things 1.1

The original set needs to be deleted from your Style/Themed folder completely before installing v1.1. You will not lose any work by doing this.
V1.1 has recolourable wall and trim textures added and some of the objects in the foliage menu are now in the scenery menu.

Don't be alarmed by the large(ish) file size, included are 2 texture OVLs. The orignal non-recolourable textures and the new, recolourable ones. It's recolourable by default but should you want the old textures, copy the 2 files from Texture OVLs/Original folder (stationjimjrWesternThings-texture.unique.ovl and stationjimjrWesternThings-texture.common.ovl) and paste into Style/Themed/stationjimjrWesternThings/shared. Again, you can switch between the two without fear of losing any work.



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