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Restaurant Pack

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Designer:  Osudenny
Original Creator: Ossudenny
Requires:  Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
Public Domain:  Yes
Language:  English
Bugs: None 

All the logos are the properity and rights of each restuarant.  I am not taking any credit for them.  All of them are listed in section 2.

This set consist of:

1) 3 different textures of walls (each has doors, 1h thru 4h, with borders, window with border, fan wall, ATM wall and windows with logos)
2) restuarant logo windows.  There are 48 (Angels, Bob Big Boy, Blue Sky. Bojangles, Burger King, Burgerville, Cloos
Coffee lounge, Coke, Dominos, Donatos, East Of Chicago, Firehouse Sebs, Fuddruckers, Gizzis, Hardee's, Harvey's,
Heidi's, Homer's, Julian, KFC, Kripsy Kreme, Kystal, Maid-Rite, McDonald's, Mr. Bigg's, Olive Garden, Papa Johns, Parrot,
Penny Lick's, Pelican Pete's, Pick Pizza, Pizza Hut, Pizza Street, Planet Hollywood, Pepperoni Pony, Silver Wing, Snackco,
Sonic, Starbucks, Subway, Tastee Chicken, TGI Friday's, Tim Hortons, What a Burger, Wendy's, White Castle and Wild Hog)
3) 2 different styles of stand windows
4) stand
5) 2 different styles of street signs with and without lights
6)  6 fountains
7) rooves (2 by 1, 3 by 1, corner, edge and center)
6) 3 signs



Osudenny Restuarant Set.zip

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