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Super Hero Set

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Designer:  Osudenny
Original Creator: Ossudenny
Requires:  Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
Public Domain:  Yes
Language:  English
Bugs: None 

This set contains the following:
1) one metal glass awning
2) 5 themed litter bins (Bat Girl, Batman, Harley, Superman and Wonder Girl)
3) 5 street signs:  2 themed street signs ( Bat Girl, Superman),
1 themed street sign with light (Superman), 1 street sign with
scrolling sign and billoard, 1 street sign with light themed (superman)
and 1 street sign with scrolling sign, billboard and light.
4) restuarant equipement: Cash register with scrolling sign,
ice cream machine and hot dog cooker.
5) 1 stall:  1 stall, stall roof, stall billboard
6) Shelters: 2 glass path shelters, 4 glass shelters and 1 small glass shelter
7) 1 drinking fountain with running water
 1 stand window and 1 stand window roof 1 by 1
9) 3 flat roof pieces: corner, edge and center
10) 4 doors: 2 opened and 2 closed
11) 2 fountain: superman Logo and Batman Logo
12) Glass walls 1h thru 4h
13) themed glass walls 4h a toal of 26:  
Batgirl, Brainiac, Cat woman, Diana Prince, Flash, Green Lantern,
Hulk, Ironman, Joker, Nightstar, Robin, Batman, Scarecrow, Spiderman,
Superwoman, Superman, Wolverine, Atom, Dr. Alchenry, Beast,
Captain Marvel, Doom, Goliath, Spidergirl, Wasp and Wonder Woman
14) 3 different kinds of signs and all has scrolling signs and Billboards
15) 79 pictures for the billboards all either super Heros or Villians.



Osudenny Super Hero Set.zip

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