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Gen.15 1/18

I think your insight a blessing.

Here is what I received from the scriptures as well.


I think the vision went into a dream state.

In this state the lord began to have a conversation with Abram.

Even though it started as a vision. Abram recognized it was the lord.

He did not show doubt as to who was speaking to him.

The lord began where Abram was in his life.

He had just returned from a battle with the kings.

Perhaps Abram feared others in the land.

Because the first thing the Lord said to him was fear not, I am thy shield or protector.

Abram showed a very human side saying he had no children.

To this the lord also responded.

It is said Abram believed God. It was counted as righteous. It was a real hart felt response to the Lord.

Abram was in a right relationship with god.

Abram was called to leave his homeland and follow the Lord.(12/1) Perhaps that was just the beginning of baby steps of faith.

This vision into dream, seems to ask him to take a deeper walk of faith.

The other interesting thing in this vision.

God made a covenant with him. It was the custom when interning into agreement between two parties.

That slaughtered animals lay in two half’s. The parties making the agreement would walk between them.

In this case the Lord as represented by a smoking furnace and a burning lamp.

The Lord alone establishes the promises and obligations of the covenant

Abrams part was to believe and trust god to keep that word as established.

This dream went to the hart of Abrams desires.

It also establishes a walk with God to all generations (The spiritual children who believe and accept Christ by faith)

We are blessed because this man in a vision- dreams state. (he believed god spoken word.

Just think of the entire impact this dream had upon this mans spirit and mine.

Looking back we can see the prophecy given in this dream did in fact come true. Verse13/14

Horror of great darkness.. He could have felt or saw the affliction of his descendents.

This dream foreshowed a life changing events that lay ahead.

He had to have a strong believing spirit to under stand.

This vision dream covered many areas of Abrams life. 5

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