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Prayer for my friend

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I need you all to pray for my friend ( future helpmate I got a chance to see him this weekend).. He is bound by drinking and smoking. He is a really nice man however, this generational curse was passed on from his father and I am sure futher then that. I am praying that he would allow God to step in. He has admitted to me bfore that this has been a problem and he had tried to stop... Let pray for him Sometimes I feel like people dont think they are worthy because of the bad habits they have... Lord I come to asking you to reverse this generational curse and whatever unclean spirit that has attached itself to your body that you created. Lord I pray you take the test out of his mouth so the next time he tries to pick up a cigar or a drink that he would not want it. We BInd the spirit of lust, jeezebel spirit no in Jesus name. I loose God love, power, peace , joy and a sound mind in this man.

Thank you all for joining in the prayer.
I believe I was allowed to see my future helpmate so I can see what I need to pray for.. Ps we were both glad to see each other. Now I have to wait for God to move. Thank you for your prayers. Love you

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