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Forever Tested

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Hi Sisters and Brothers of Christ,

I am forever tested by others at work or within the community.

People always ask me what religion I am, if they want to stereotype me I say Christian, Church of England, but I always say I am a follower of Christ. Church is good to retain community spirit, but you might go to church each week, but not be a true follower.

I am a flawed sinner who loves Jesus and God and the Angels more than life itself. I am fearless because I have the lord at my side. I would only be FEARFUL if GOD was not with ME. It is hard within contemporary society for everyone and we, TRUE FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST NEED TO HELP PEOPLE WHO ARE VULNERABLE AND LOST. You can only but try and when it is difficult read the Serenity Prayer or MOST IMPORTANTLY LEAVE IT WITH GOD, JESUS AND THEIR ANGELS TO HANDLE IT. YOU ARE HUMAN, AN IMAGE OF GOD, A SINNER WHO HAS NO INFINITE POWERS. GOD LOVES YOU even when you DISOWN HIM. He does not JUDGE, CONDEMN OR HARM YOU. He will handle such matters. Practice what you preach, very difficult I know, believe me. I am forever tested, people who do not believe forever try to get me angry, to react or behave inappropriately. FORGIVE THEM and STAY CALM. HOWEVER, DO NOT STOP PREACHING HIS LOVE. For example, I finish work soon as I am only a temp and some non believer's said to me, what will you do now? I said, I Do not know, but I will leave it in the hands of GOD because he knows what he wants me to do for him and I have immense faith to wait for his calling. He will lead me to where he wants me. I love God, Trust him because he his not materialistic or a sinner. I love him so much that I am not afraid to die because when judgement day comes he will decide my fate. When you die you die. No after life. YOU DIE YOU ARE DUST as the bible protests through Adam and Eve.
I was in Darkness and my journey has been longed, but now I am free to be with God, to be what God wants ME TO BE, not be what Non Believers who constantly test me expect me to be. If people were TRUE BELIEVERS they would NEVER HARM YOU OR TEST YOU.
If you cannot help other people then have self preservation and when the TIME is right GOD will help you through your journey as he always does, but you have FREE WILL so he AWAITS YOUR CALL.

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