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I did not get the job

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Hello all thank you all for praying for me. I did not get the job I just open my email and I saw that is said I needed 3 years of experience. I am saying to myself why didnt they tell me this afer 4 visit to this job!! So I guess the dream I had about the job was warning me.. Although I am still a lil puzzled as to Why God allowed this door to open and I waited so long went through the process of them telling me you got the job only them to say We would of loved to have you but we are looking for someone with 3 yrs experience. I am glad the wait was over..This was my first time every experienceing something like this...So now the door is shut so I wait and see what God has...I dont have a clue as to what to apply for a job.. I go online everyday. to apply for same type of position or previous a job.

Praying for wisdom and direction... I am dreading the fact that I have to interview all over again.. Lord help me get through this.

Again thank you for you encouraging thoughts and prayers

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