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A couple of kids might be in danger...

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The last time I had a dream about my daughter being in danger, a
similar thing happened to a little girl, which my friend (who I dreamed
about last night as well) actually saved from drowning at a water park
the very next day. Here's the dream:

My daughter got into the driver's seat of a semi-truck. It had a
tricycle steering wheel. She somehow got it to operate, and was going
round & round in circles around me on the grass lawn of a big
house. I kept screaming at her to stop and not to go into the street.
She kept circling faster and faster (it was out of her control), and
she kept taking her hands off of the tricycle steering wheel. I was
yelling at her to hold on to the handle bars because she could get an
"owie" (a term I use for my daughter when explaining danger). Then it
came to a stop. I was trying to plan my move to get her off of it and
out of the danger zone. The next thing I know the semi-tricycle turned
into a 5th wheel trailer that was leaning at an angle on the grass like
it was going to tip. I started running over to get my daughter out of
there and pull her to safety. Instead she went inside the 5th wheel
trailer and my nephew (who lives with us but him and his family are
moving to a different state in two days.....which I'm extremely sad
about) hopped in with her. His weight was enough to tip the trailer.
It started rolling and I was hysterical because the kids were tumbling
around on the inside getting hurt. That's where the dream ended.

I prayed about the situation just in case a couple
of kids are in danger of dying from a joy ride accident or a 5th wheel
trailer accident today. Please pray with me just in case ok. God
bless you all.

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