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strange cat crying in the night

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this night..should be mid of the night...i worked up to a very strange cry coming from the window side of our bedroom. we live upstairs. I was kind of surprised but not afraid...i had to pray and bleed the blood of Jesus. Then i slept off again. I just want you all to pray for me and my family....i also rememer that the last day at the hotel of our holiday...i worked up from a strange dream ..someone using my daughter face was trying to suck at my breasts(i remembered i was naked in the dream on the bed)...i prayed into consciousness..i was very angry what is this allabout sexual dream that i prayed Holy Ghost fire on any attack and went back to sleep..now this is the 4th day after returning i am worked up by this strange horrible cry...we dont have a cat...I willl welcome prayers and also any word the lord laid on your hearts. Thanks.

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