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I need a FAVOUR job!

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Only God can do this miracle. I need a fAVOUR job from 8.30 t0 11.30 am because of my kids. A job that will help me inprove my level of germany language and support my husband too. Why did i said only God can do this miracle...alot of foreigners find it difficult to get a job even the least job without speaking fluently the language and enough workexperience(minus your country) even in the least job like cleaning. they wouldnot even take me for cleaning! i have gotten a lot of discouragement due to unemployment figure/friends, and many job rejections becos of little job experience or no job experience even for cleaning job ..that now i am just tired to apply or really i dont know where to apply to. I dont know what to even apply for again. Surely God can do miracle to surprise people who though it is hard to get job as a immigrant. in my country i did Adminstrative studies with Bachelor degree but becos of german language cant work or i have to go to school....yes i no..but right now i need a FAVOUR job until then...i am not asking for cleaning again! I have heard of immigrants without experience or not able to speak language geting jobs! I dont want to be put to shame..God Can..please pray for me...share what the lord minister to you..

secondly i have a home business i started if it was kicking fine...i wouldnot also be looking for job..for almost 3yr now it has run it to losses.

i am not complaining but i give God all the glory for all these years, but i dawn on me that all my life tillnow..i have rarely have enough..always struggling to meet ends....i have prayed/ gone for deliverances ....i do the seeds and tithes etc...i could remembrr..to feed, to clothes (secondhands or discounts, or hand mes), to go to school was a deep struggle, university the same, little jobs,marriage the same...why...it kind of baffles me!

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