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PRAISE REPORT Re: Ovary and possibility of not baring children!!!!

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Re: "Possibility that I may not bare children and Im only 27"

I had a growing cyst on my left overy, it was 6cm and growing by the day. Last year lost right ovary at this same size because the cyst twisted my ovary and cut off blood supply, ultimately damaging my entire right ovary and fallopian tube. Doctors were telling me to rest in fear that this one may twist and I may lose it as well. They were also considering aggressive surgery to remove it or drain it.

Here is the outcome:

Well, the Lord was so gracious, I ended up having the procedure to drain the cyst (which was another trial in itself because I was wide awake as I was pierced 3X with this long dreadful needle). I couldn't help but think about our Lord who was pierced w/out any anethesia for our sins..Whew!!!

After this procedure, they were still watching the tissue for a month or so to make sure it wasn't cancerous. That would be determined if the left over tissue would shrink and form back into my body (amazing how God created our bodies).

By the grace of God, the tissue shrunk and my ovaries are healthy. Amen They have me on a stronger dose of birth control to prevent me from ovulating/producing cyst. Its been a trial because they make me tired, but God's been giving me strength.

But Im so truly grateful that they Lord spared me the ability to bare children and has restored my body. Truth is, He would have been just if he allowed me to lose it, because I remember there was a time when I didn't honor God with my body..I thank Him for showing me grace and mercy. This love compels me to serve and honor Him more and more. I honor the Lord by honoring Him in my body and just having a heart that submits to Him...I love the Lord and I just want to put please Him.

Thank you all for the prayers!!! big hug 2

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