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Confusion on the Word of God and Troubling Dreams

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Im confused & really needing some encouragement & advice from the Lord about what is right and what I should do about my marriage. I love my husband Justin so much & want him husband back. Im faithful to him during this separation & have no desire any other man. My husband knew my mother when he was 15 & she would tell him about me, but I lived in Arkansas & he lived here in Memphis & an incident occurred when he stopped coming around my mother, then I moved here to Memphis, but my mother never mentioned him & they forgot each other.

When I became pregnant with my 2nd child, I moved here to Memphis & married my first husband. He has 1 child with me during our marriage & has created 5 children with my sister. During our marriage, the Lord showed me a dream of me & a little girl & a man blurred at the head who I thought was my 1st husband pushing the little girl in a stroller down the street. I woke up & prayed to the Lord that if He would bless me with a daughter, I would name her in honor of Him & He had a prophet through the television prophesy to me & she was talking to me. I did as she said & laid my hands on my abdomen & the other on the television & agreed with her in prayer. The Lord also gave me 2 or 3 dreams of my first husband having sex with my sister. He also gave me dreams of tornadoes in the 1st marriage & showed that it would tear up my marriage & that I would be separated from my children for a while, but I would get them back. Before I go any further, my gift of the Spirit is prophecy through dreams. I would wake up & ask my 1st husband about him & my sister, but he would deny it. I was completely blind & tried to conceive a child with him, but God blocked my attempts by stopping my monthly womanhood. The Lord did not let me conceive with my 1st husband.

5 1/2 years later after he met my mom, I believe God brought us together, let my husband found me on Black Planet, but he didn't know I was the woman that my mother told him about, nor did I know who he was because she never told me about him & they had forgot each other. When we met on Black Planet the freaky thing is I had moved from Tennessee back to Arkansas after my separation & he met me on the internet & started a conversation with me & we didn't know who each other was until I came back to my house in Memphis. My mother was there the day we met in person, but still did not recognize each other till about 2 or 3 years later when a mutual friend of theirs remembered him & then my mother asked him how did he manage to get with her daughter?

Before I married Justin, God showed me in a dream us getting the truck & us getting a house. I was shown the landlord. In addition, I asked the Lord in prayer with Justin that He would allow my school check to come the next day if He it is His will to marry Justin, it happened. The next day the check came & I married him in a church wedding on December 7, 2008. God blessed us within 3 months with the truck & then 2 months after that He gave us the house. I did have the little girl with Justin before I married him & kept my covenant to God & I named her Trinity. I couldn't afford a divorce from my first husband & we were still married but both of us by then were in adultery.

Before I got married to Justin, I repented & was restored back to God. I also was saved when I got married & I wouldnt marry Justin till he gave his life to the Lord. We were supposed to get married & baptized on the same day but we ended up getting baptized about a few weeks later. Since then, my husband has walked away from God. I don't know what to do, I am confused about whether I should divorce my husband and remain single because of Mark 10:11, but it contradicts what I felt like I heard the Spirit say. I am very confused and will do anything for the Lord. One day, I was crying out to God and asking the Lord whether I should give up on my marriage and I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Should Christ give up on the church?" I answered, "No." He also said, "Should the church give up on Christ?" I said, "No." And I knew what He was saying, but since then I have gotten confused by people preaching Mark 10:11 and begin to doubt the prayer to marry Justin, and what I heard from the Holy Spirit. What should I do? My dreams seem to confirm my marriage making it. I am so sad and deeply confused.

DREAM 1: A black male that look like he may have been in his 40’s came into the house and said, “What will you do to save your life?” Dee Dee, Shakela’s sister and Dre’s wife, whom I do not know personally nor do I know what she looks like up close was in the dream sitting on the couch and her husband was standing up next to her to the left of his wife said, “I will get on a pole.” The black male said, “You get on a pole then.” My mother grabbed the remote control and went to the television and I saw myself coming a short distance behind my mother to her right and watching the television too. I saw a weather map which displays the colors of severity of the coming storm. The colors was a dark crimson, orange, and yellow, but the color seen most was crimson. I saw my mother, my sister Natashia, Albert (my sister’s boyfriend) and their 2 kids hide, I also saw my husband, my children, and I go and hide in the kitchen closet as if the storm was on its way at that very moment. All of a sudden, I saw only me in pitch darkness that I could not see in. I saw myself about 2 and ½ yards in the air on my back with my arms crossed over each other on my chest, but my hands were touching my shoulders. At first I thought I was dead, but then the Holy Spirit led me to look at my mouth. My mouth was moving, but I didn’t hear the words coming out of it, but the Holy Spirit let me know that I was praying and I was praying really hard with fervency. I could feel the wind off the tornado and it was very strong. So strong that I was lifted off the ground 2 and ½ yards on my back, but I was being held in one spot. It was so strong that I felt that I would be blown away. Then the Holy Spirit made me take notice that something else was above my head. When I looked above my head, I saw a book and if I remember correctly, there was a light coming from it. The book was opened and leaning above my head. I knew it looked like a Bible, but I looked closer and when I looked it had the black and red print in it which confirmed my suspicions. Next, I saw myself as if I was looking at myself again, but this time I saw myself coming out the closet and I looked around me and I saw my mother, my sister Natashia, and Albert her boyfriend. Then I looked at my husband coming out behind me a few seconds after me, but I noticed that his clothes were different than when we went into the closet and when I looked back to my family, their clothes were also changed and I wondered why their clothes were all the same, when it was not that way in the beginning of the dream. Their clothes were white tee shirts that looked bright white as a brand new spotless white tee. I also wondered where the children were because I did not see any of them in the dream, but it seemed that I was not too concerned about them. I saw my mother, sister, and her boyfriend lined up side-by-side and they were looking at something so my husband and them joined them. My husband was standing at my right hand side and we walked outside. It was as if my sister’s upstairs apartment was not upstairs but down stairs and that the wall had never been there, but a big open space where you can walk straight outside as if someone built the apartment with a missing wall and the parking lot of her complex was not there anymore, but instead it was a big wide open field about the size of 4 or 5 football fields of the most beautiful grass. I could also see that trees were evenly planted in a row all around this field. I looked and took in the surroundings as if I was wondering what is this and I looked into the sky and it was the most beautiful blue sky with not one cloud in sight. It was a clear blue sky. Then the Holy Spirit made me take notice of a tornado that was about 20 or 30 stories in height and was huge in size going from us fast like an Air Force jet. I could hear the sound of it like a fast jet flying past as fast a bullet. The surroundings were peaceful.

DREAM 2: I had this dream one morning as my husband and I were sleep in our new house on 4021 Hanna Drive in 2009 or 2010. I had a dream that my husband and I were at New Kingdom Ministries a church we belong to but both of us have left. As we were walking into the church, I looked back out the glass doors and I saw our house and all of our things was outside the house scattered around it like someone either took everything and sat it around the whole front of the house and it took up the whole yard like we had been put out the house (I am unsure though because it may have also been scattered out like a tornado hit the house, but the house was still standing, only our things were scattered about the yard. I did not see our truck, just our belongings). Then I looked and noticed that my husband was naked, I am not sure if both of us were or not, but I remembered helping him cover his nakedness and possibly mine as well, but I do remember he was naked as we walked down the aisle and covering him with either leaves or some kind of cloth but we or him only was not fully covered. It was kind of like how they had Adam and Eve in the Bible. I also saw my husband and I sit down and the Bishop was telling us that we needed to return back to the church and repent. I remember him saying other things but I cannot remember what they were but I think it had something to do with us coming back to the church or being added back to the body of Christ. My husband had his head leaning in his hands as if he was sad or in repentance.

DREAM 3: In this dream, my husband, and me was in a bad storm. We were in our truck and we were trying to find shelter. We turned into this school, but the white male had already closed the school down and got into the truck with us. Then as we were looking for shelter, the storm wind was lifting the truck off the ground and sitting us back down on the ground. Then the dream flipped and I saw my husband and I walking on this narrow road. It was so narrow, my husband had to walk behind me, and we had to put one foot in front of the other to walk on it. It was after the storm because the road was wet like after a storm had passed. I get dreams, but do not always know what they mean.

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