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Mia Sherwood-miasherwood

Snake Dream of Comfort

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God is so awesome. I have this weird lump in the hollow part of my throat (the part a trach tube goes in). I can feel it there when I'm sitting on the couch because the position of my neck is scrunched I can feel it on the inside of my throat and it's the only time I can feel it. So because I can feel in on the inside I start touching it on the outside and notice it's a definite lump..... so naturally I'm concerned. So I ask God because He is so faithful to give me the dependable truth.

Last night:

I dreamed about seeing two snakes. One weirdly shaped rattlesnake.... kinda was
shaped weirdly, as thick as an arm and not tapered like a snake.... Then, a really skinny other kind of small, poisounous snake. I was terrified that they were going to bite me because they were loose. I remember seeing two sofas.


The first thing on my mind this morning is the lump. So I'm thinking about it and I think, I should probably have the doctor look at the lump on my arm too while I'm there.

Some time goes by and I start to think about the dream. I wonder, is this about moving because I saw two couches and I had a dream right after about moving? Is there going to be a problem? Ugh.

Then I think.... poisonous snake.... threat to my health. Two threats to my health? What is the other one? One big and one small? Then, it hits me. The snake was shaped like an arm. My arm is the other one.

This is obviously about my worry about the lump in my throat because the only
time I feel it or worry about it is when I am sitting on the couch. The snakes did not bite me which means that these things are nothing to worry about.

Thank you, Father. Thank you, Holy Spirit.

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