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I am not a counselor or anything but I have begun to understand some things. One of the most important things I have learnt is that it is important to use wisdom at all times. I know there are persons here going through abusive situations, first of all God does not want anybody to stay in an abusive relationship. One of my relatives stayed in an abusive situation and reaped severe consequences. She was warned many times to leave the abusive situation, to leave her abusive husband, but did not listen, on more than one occasion she was beaten unconscious, some of her children ended up doing wrong because her husband was a bad influence and also because of traits they inherited from their dad. One of her children died because of his bad choices and I don't think he was a Christian. Her grandchildren also don't treat her well because her children made bad choices and don't treat her well either. Use wisdom, if you don't, you, your children and future generations will reap the consequences. People in abusive situations often need the assistance of more than one police officers so that they can leave their husband along with their children safely. Use wisdom, don't in pride stay in a relationship that is abusive, don't stay in an abusive relationship no matter what.

For those whose husband/wife is seeing someone else and is content to keep doing so, then leave them, no matter how difficult it is. Seek police assistance so you can safely leave.

Do not stay married to someone who is with someone else. Use wisdom. Get a divorce and move on. He/She is the one with the problem not you so don't blame yourself at all, it's not your fault. Rely on Jesus Christ for emotional support and strength.

Proverbs has a lot of wisdom, read proverbs, meditate on it. Ask God to teach you wisdom, be willing to learn wisdom.

I don't know if you guys read about a former employee from Joyce Meyer's ministry who ended up harming his wife and children permanently simply because he had fallen in love with someone else and felt that his wife and children were holding him back. People advised that they seek counseling but that did not work because his heart simply was not in his family. They were a Christian family, the wife and children were Christians and even though they were Christians they were harmed permanently, perhaps if she just left him when she realized his heart was not in the marriage, perhaps when she found out he was seeing someone else (if she did indeed find out) and not constantly trying to hold on to him, holding on to someone who simply did not want his family perhaps she would still be alive. If someone has shown they want to leave make them leave. Don't try to force and struggle to hold on to someone.

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