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Prayer for guidance and protection

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I posted a dream to be interpreted on Sunday 29 and I was counseled to post it for prayer.

The dream follows
A little background
We are a family of 4. In 2009 the situation in our nation (Eritrea) affected us so that we planned to leave our nation. After my wife left illegally on April 2009, it was my responsibility to take care of the children. I have been very busy at the government office since 2002 and I was not allowed to retire. My sister helped me and has been taking care of the children since August 2009. Life complicated. I have been working in the capital, my children in another town, and my wife in South Sudan.
There is no legal way of leaving the nation (for my children and I). The only thing we can do is to leave illegally. My wife came on June 2011 to visit us and to discuss with the matter. Finally, we agreed that my children and I leave illegally. And we prayed together to God for help and protection. We planned to leave at the beginning of November. She started to negotiate with some one to help us cross the border. There was also another brother whose wife and children left the nation legally and won an Australian visa, to leave with us.
This is the dream I had on Oct 13, 2011, 4:20 am.
My wife told me the price for our exit was $4000.This does not include the brother. There will be more money for the brother. She added, he could also bring my mother in law together with our children. So we thought we can leave the nation in two trips.
She also told me the name of person who is to help us exit. His name was Tesfay (interpreted as My Hope). My wife said, Tesfay has a friend in custody by Sudanese security forces for human trafficking. Based on his friend’s advice, Tesfay escaped imprisonment jumping over walls of houses.
I and the brother knew in the dream that, without fear and worry, we reached to a safe place. It seems we were about to reach a main road and there were other cars. Suddenly, we heard a bumping sound from beneath the car, and our car stopped. The driver drove back for about 10 meters, and stopped there. We didn’t know what the cause was. However, we felt no fear. As we were thinking on the incident, I walked up suddenly.
In the dream I didn’t know if the driver was Tesfay.
We are planning to leave in two weeks. Now the price for the brother is quoted to be $2000.
I forward the dream to get help in knowing God’s comment concerning my situation.
Thank you.
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