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2 Levels of Prayer and Worship

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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their experiences in praying and worshiping. I've been struggling with breaking through the "flesh" barrier for quite a while and could never figure out what was wrong. I knew there was a huge difference between praying and worshiping "normal" and doing it in the Glory realm, when His Spirit totally takes over and then it's a completely different experience alltogether.

I've "tasted" it lately and am completely and totally in awe! So far I have figured out two huge blockers that were preventing me from entering this Glory level. But something else must be missing as I can't get "there" every time I pray/worship.

The first one is: DO NOT EVER LOOK AT YOURSELF! EVER! this was what stopped me from getting higher. I always fell into this stinking false humility pit by thinking I do not deserve this, I was not good enough, needed more time to improve etc.

Another one: If you have an agenda before coming to Worship in the Glory, you better forget it! Leave your list behind the Gates :-) That's what I was doing quite often - dragging my prayer request list in with me. It kept me on the ground. But once I let go of it, I found out that when you are There, God takes care of your list in a way you couldn't even imagine. I was totally speachless.

So now that I've had it, "tasted" it, I am so Glory thirsty! I am not saying this is the only way to do it, and God most certainly answers prayers and He did so many for me. I's just getting into His very Presence is like a totally different planet :-)

Please share your experiences and breakthroughs!!!

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Wow...I'm not sure I've really paid attention to what I do to break any barriers. Most times I'm driving in my car because I spend a lot of time on the road. I do agree there is no agenda, but I also know that I go in because of HIM and not me. I don't think I've ever sat down and said, "I'm going to usher in His presence"...usually I'm drawn. He will put something in my heart to where I'm grateful or a revelation of something and then it's like I can feel him "escorting" me to a higher place.

I guess what I'm saying is, if I had to think about it, the times I've reached that place has been effortless because He's has been the Initiator. He has been the one who has summonsed me.

Another thing that just came to mind is that I can be anywhere and when I realize that He is right there with me, it causes something to spark within me and even without opening my mouth, there is a STRONG presence of His Being which causes me to "be still and KNOW He is God".

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This is kind of quirky but I feel to say there is no place like the arms of our father and this is where I believe I am when I praise God in Worship. See like u I felt restricted cause of the position I was in I sat in the pew looking around at others wondering where their minds were why they closed off others around them and lifted their hands sum even sung out of tune. Then the word started to minister to my heart and I realized I wasn’t mocking anyone around me but myself I truly was missing out on the glory of God while in fellowship. So I prayed and I asked God father where are you? Why am I missing out? I can’t see what my brethren do? Help me to believe, give me understanding of this love that covers them? bless me like you do them.

From that day I realized my passion was to praise God in Song to lift my voice and give unto him everything that I had. God gave me a position in the worship team then I was asked to lead that worship team and now this is all I do. I struggle all the time at home, work, in fellowship but the spirit of God that lives in me comforts me when I need him the most and all I know is to worship him, to raise my voice so others may hear the glory of God in my life. He removes the burdens that I have without me realizing it they are no more and I’m crying again with thanksgiving in my heart for his mercies. Tears for me are a natural occurrence I could be talking to someone about a everyday subject then I feel the spirit of God increase within me, and I let Gods works come forth sometimes to warn but most of the time it’s Gods glory to those who hear him and I am blessed abundantly that he cares and loves me so much that I am used to Glorify his wonderful name. I am ever grateful that God uses me to bless others whom he loves –Hallelujah- this is Gods glory in my life and I Praise him for his Love.

We are all one in Christ Jesus this one truth helped me to understand that what u see in others this glory can also be shared in the body of Christ as a whole. When I stand before people in worship I am blessed abundantly for we all stand as one to praise a father whom already knows our lives. He sees that we all struggle to hear him to see him, but he knows already the good works planned out for each of his children. And best of all is we have the victory and the glory is Gods because thou we see not, God did and he bless’s those who have come and gone with his truth.

John 14 v 1 – Let not your heart be troubled ye believe in God, believe also in me.

In Jesus Name Amen!!

Glory Be To God

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