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The strangest things happens to me.

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One day while I was in the wash house I was stopped suddenly and just heard like an inner voice saying to cut a coworker off. At the time I thought it was God. Minutes later my phone rang. This lady with an american accent was on the other end. She was like I am Lady Long. I was like ok. She was like "Do you know who I am?" I was said no. She said she was Eddy Long's wife. I was like Ooooh ok. So she told me that God gave her my number. She said that God want you to cut someone off. That freaked me out because I just was told to cut my coworker off. She proceeded to tell me personal stuff about my life and my family. So i really thought that God had sent her in my life. She called me off and on telling me things that happened in my life and what was going on in my life at the time.
Once again I was in the kitchen stopped in my tracks. Go tell your sister that I know what is going on between her and Jason. Days before this I finally made peace with myself that nothing was going on between my husband and my sister. Now for this to happen I was shocked. It was this inner voice again. I answered quickly no God I don't want to cause any confusion. And that was the end of that. Couple of weeks later. My friend said she had a dream(lets call her Sue) Sue said she dreamt that i was showing my sister on a screen. I told her what happened to me in the kitchen and what i thought was the Lord telling me to go give my sister this message. I told her no. Weeks later who was to call me "lady long" saying that you need to go say what you have to say no matter who don't like you. So i went and told my sister. She was furious. The entire thing nearly tore my family apart. I don't want to keep rambling on I could take forever on this. Sue end was the one pretending to be lady long or she had one of her friends call me. I loved sue like a sister. Many strange things happpened to me while living with her. I never thought i would have been deceived as I was. I wish i can say what I want to say more clearer but it would be typing all night. I believe Sue was a witch or dealt up with witch craft i dont know. Some people say that she was sending spirits at me and my family. She has even told me before she knows how to tap into people spirit. I never thought anything of it. She knows her bible well she can speak in tongues and she attends church. She is a very generous giver. I mean she gives like thousands of dollars to the church. But it was like she was an sent by the enemy to ruin me. She loved my kids i think but hated me secretly. I don't know what to say. She pretended to be 4 different people. She had someone to lie to me and told me they saw my husband in and he wanted to kill me. This goes so deep it isnt even funny. I nearly gave up on my walk with the Lord after this. I thank God he didn't let go of me. I will be honest I am still confused a bit. But thank God he picked me up in my lowest moment. I don't know who to trust. I don't if she is a part of a cult. I have no idea. But one great thing that came out of this is that I want to draw closer to Jesus so nothing like this ever happens agains. Keep me in your prayers. Pray that I may be baptized with the holy spirit. Pray the my spirit eyes and ears are opened. Pray that the confusion leaves my mind completely. Pray that all my scars are healed completely. Pray that the enemy doesn't over take my mind. Please keep me in your prayers.

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