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Storm comin'

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javascript:emoticonp('tornado') First I knew there was a storm coming like a tornado/hurricane so I hid in these cabinet-like space I had a baby with me its legs was around my waist and arms held me real tight I couldn't tell if it were boy or girl 8 months or a year old I protected it, Brian hid too in a similar area i'm not sure if he had a child with him...after the storm came and went we were safe, we slept during...the dream switched to a living room scene pastor winans was on a couch in a living room I was protecting him from some gang member/unruly person who had this can in his hand and he shook it and some kinda liquid would come out and burn off/disintegrated whatever it touched anthony punched/hit him and he/the guy/unruly person started after anthony...they went outside it was dark outside anthony was running to get away he hid...i went outside around the side/back of the house and saw anthony and i snuck him back in the house I noticed he had bells on his shoes we hid in a closet i was behind him....I woke up and I could hear the song "Clean this House" by Isaac Caree in my thoughts...

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