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To GOD be ALL the Glory!!

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I have a testimony! I went to the dentist few days ago and they told me I need to get a root canal done which would cost about $1200.00. I could not believe my ears because I never knew one tooth can cost that much. My husband has 80% coverage, but the rest is still too much for us. I had no clue how we were going to pay this, but somehow I had this great peace in my heart that I couldn't even get myself to worry if I tried.
This is extremely unusual for me because I am naturally the type of person who would need to know exactly where the money would come from and when to stay calm.
Not this time tough. The appointment is on the 18th. We were trying to sell a fish tank for quite some time now with no "bites". Yesterday someone called and said they want to buy it. They even agreed to pay the asking price. Today they came and bought it. Now I have enough to pay for the dentist and some left over!!
Isn't God AWESOME?!!!! happy dance happy dance happy dance
I am totally amazed and in total awe how He came through (not that it is unusual that he did, but every time He does it, I am in amazement!!!) And I did not have to lift a finger and on top of it He gave me such peace that absolutely surpassed my natural understanding :-)
God is GREAT! Thank You, Daddy!!!!! You ROCK!

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