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Pray for Steven

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Pray for Steven. He is a guy in a couple of my classes. I don't know if God has put it on my heart to pray for him or not, but I figure that either way it's a good idea. He seem like your typical disgruntled male teenager. He's kind of a jock, too. He calls himself rude and stuff and people agree, but to me, he seems more apathetic than anything. He is just cold, there doesn't seem to be actual malice. He's civil, really. I know that his father passed away. Think it may have been in recent years and there has been some bad history between them or at least his parents. He's Jewish.

God, turn him towards you. Show him the truth of Jesus Christ. Take his stone heart and make it flesh. Soften him totally. Make him into a new creation. Change his perspective on his own life, life in general, people, and the world. Show him that you love him with an everlasting love. Show him your fatherliness. Cradle him like a young son. If it's in your will, let me see his transformation. Thank you for his metamorphosis. Thank you for giving me a compassionate heart.
in Jesus name, Amen.

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