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Immediate Intercession and Intervention Needed

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Hi everyone,

I apologize for the lengthy post--but we need these specific issues addressed in prayer.

I would appreciate your prayers for my 4 children and me. We have been at a hotel for the past month since losing our apartment due to domestic abuse. I lost my job 5 months ago after extended illness disrupted my life and ability to work. I was a few months into the process of a reconciliation attempt with my estranged mate when the emotional abuse began with a full month of the silent treatment. Soon after, my work began to suffer and I developed internal bleeding that continued for weeks without us locating the source because I lost my insurance when my paid leave ended. When I eventually became unable to work, he stopped contributing financially to the family until we were evicted from our apartment. He stashed his paychecks, bought a new car and left us stranded on the night we had to move out. This was after we filed joint taxes and he set it up to go into his account. We had agreed to pay off the apartment complex with the refund--now I don't know what he intends as we have no contact with him. He stayed at the same hotel that I checked into for a few days but ignored us.

Earlier this year, God suddenly brought my 95 year old, absentee father back into my life during my illness and he has sent funds as he was able but of course this cannot continue. My adult daughter works part time but her income does not replace my earnings or cover the hotel room. We are living week by week here trying to get our bearings but now my funds have been depleted. My meager IRA is tapped out. I am looking for work but feel at a loss as to what I can actually do as my healing process was hindered by all of the stress--my doctor keeps sending letters reminding me that I need to get checked out but that is not an option right now. Out of the blue, I have begun having PTSD/anxiety symptoms that I had nearly healed from during the separation.

Now, I have been trusting God for our care and provision but I have been on an Elijah-on-Mt- Carmel type prayer focus right now---"Which God is the true God". My eldest daughter left the faith, talks of universal consciousness and has embraced alternative lifestyles that are troubling (all internet for now)...she is busy trying humanistic means to pull us out of this pit and my conscience is being sorely tried. Apparently there are people out there who will pay other people quite well to "boss them around" (and other darker things) and she is linking up with them. I am asking that God move quickly as our deliverer as I can't stomach being provided for from such activities but I don't want to lean unto my own understanding on this. Plus, I have two sons (15 & 16) who are actively involved in church and their faith is being attacked right now--they're having difficulty trusting God will be a loving provider after being abandoned and left destitute by their earthly father. My second oldest daughter (18) professes Jesus but has been dabbling with marijuana, is not taking her diabetes meds (last glucose reading in April was 564), and is sexually active (I stumbled across an alternate fb page which revealed her life away from home--breaks my heart). I know that the devil is actively working to destroy my family but I cannot believe the Lord will allow this to happen though we are being sorely tried. This is the fallout of domestic abuse that proves this issue demands attention in the body of Christ. Abuse links victims up with the spirits of fear and unbelief--this cannot be what God intended for the family to be like. Thank you everyone. God bless.

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