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Current Competitions 7/2/10

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Competitions Running This Week!

~~~~Offical PSFC Competitions~~~~

Room Of The Week
Our weekly competition where you use the current shop items to design a room! The prize is the following weeks TWS items! This weeks theme is Love Is In The Air. Click HERE to enter!

Caption Compeition
Our NEW weekly competition where you have a chance to win 3000 coins to spend on Mondays new items! All you have to do is look at the pictures and give them your own captions.

Winner Takes All
Another NEW fantastic weekly competition. Each week, when new items are released you can send 1 or more of the TWS items to Kasijab and for each item you will be given a number. If you number comes up at the end of the week you will win all the items!

The Price Is Right!
Simply guess the price of the item and the host will tell you if its higher or lower, keep guessing and whoever is the closest or who guesses correctly wins!

Where's Wally? Daily Competition
Our good friend Wally is hiding somewhere around the forum! He hides somewhere new everyday, if you find him you can win 2 TWS!

Valentines Day Magazine Competition
Are you good at designing? Well this is the comp for you! Design and Valentines Day Edition PS magazine and you could win a lovely selection of new and old valentines PS items! Click HERE to enter!

PSFC Picture Raffle Competition
In this comp, everyone is a winner and you already know what the prizes are, but which prize will you get? Pick a number and find out! It will be running until Thursday 11th Feb. Click HERE to enter!

Anagram With A Twist
Here is another variation of the classic anagram puzzle...but with a twist! lol First you unscamble the word then use it to make other words using the clues provided, if you can do it you could win 2,500 coins to spend in stores!

~~~~BAC'S Competitions~~~~

BAC's Weekly Math Comp:
That's right...a math competition! For those of you afraid of numbers, don't fret. Some math problems will be easy as 2+2! Winners will recieved one random TWS item!. Click HERE to enter!

BACs 2010 Box Bonaza
A big box raffle where each number costs 1xGMB, if your number comes up you take the pot! Click
HERE to enter!

~~~~FAD's Competitions~~~~

FAD's Word Twist:
You must find all of the hidden words using the scrambled word! if you manage to find all of the longest words you could win 3000 coins to spend on mondays TWS items!

FAD's Look-A-Like Contest:
Do you have an outfit that resembles one of your pet's outfits? Show us how much your pet looks like you! Lets see how fashionable you are! The top prize is 4000 coins to spend on your pet! Click HERE to enter!

~~~~C + G Competitions~~~~

Name The Differences
A fun game where you have to find the differences between the pictures, you could win a lovely PS item! Click HERE to enter!

C+G Counting Game
Its time to count, count, count! If you happen to count to a certain number you could win a TWS or some GMB's Click HERE to enter!

C&G Garden Guessing Game!
Do you have good luck at guessing things? Well then why not try and guess what flowers / veggies are growing in the garden? The Prizes include coins to spend in stores!

Kitty's Larder Guessing Game
Another great guessing game! How many of a particular type of food do you think Kitty has in the larder? You reward will be some yummy food! Click HERE to enter!

C&G Scavenger Hunt!
There will be a series of blurred PS items, all you need to do is hunt them down in PS, take pics and post them for a chance to win some great prizes! Click HERE to enter!

~~~~Members Compeitions~~~~

As usual we have some interesting and fun competitions being run by our members, why not swing by and have a look! Click HERE to have a look!

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Roomo__ wrote:

Hi and welcome to our forum ...would you please add a facebook link to your profile as per the rules of the forum. Full instructions can be found here

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Roomo please add your facebook link to your profile...this is part of PSFC rules.

Spoilers have not been released yet this week..keep checking

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