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WWDU Foliage Pack

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WWDU Foliage Pack

by Worldwide Designers United (WWDU)
(English language only)


(Requires Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals and all expansion packs to play.)

The Foliage Pack contains over 20 items of foliage from all around the world which originally to be included in Feathered Frenzy/Wild Wings. The Foliage is placeable in biome bush and works exactly the same way as all the official foliage, and will be easy to find with it's new icon and filter in the main menu.

Additional Notes

Public Domain?
This download has not been released to the public domain by it's original designer.

Permission to Reupload?

If you have Aurora Designs' Biome Remakes installed, or a similar mod, the new foliage will not be added to the biome brush unless you make sure the FoliagePack Z2F file is the very last file loaded - i.e. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ-FoliagePack.z2f.

Notice: I am the guy who helped restore this. I am merely posting this elsewhere so it isn't lost.


Edited by SLGray
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