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Pterosaur Pack

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General Information:
Creators: Whalebite and Renee
Language:  English
Expansions Required: MM, EA, WWD New Blood, WWD Land of Giants
Bugs: May not breed, Pterodaustro has some neck distortion when flying

Extra Information:
Credits: Hendrix and Lazardi. BBC for some of the calls
Description: Some new odd pterosaurs for your prehistoric parks.
Anhanguera blittersdorffi
Dsungaripterus weii
Pterodaustro guinazui
Tupandactylus imperator

Bonus Features:
Public Domain? Yes, but ask renee about the Tupandactylus crest
Permission to Reupload ? Yes
Original Models? No
Original Sounds? Yes
Baby Variants? No
Baby Model? No
Zoopedia? No

Anhanguera (Renee & Whalebite)

Tupandactylus (Whalebite)

Pterodaustro (Renee & Whalebite)

Dsungaripterus (Renee & Whalebite)

zzz-Pterosaur Minipack.z2f

Edited by SLGray

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New screenshots have been added.

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