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Amazon Pack

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Designer:  Penguika (Penguinman and Mikaboshi)

Requires:  ZT2, Endangered Species, African Adventures, Marine Mania

Note:  Amazonian Manatee comes with the freshwater foliage chow enrichment.

Note:  Rainforest Logs
{The small one can be placed on water and will float, while the medium one can be placed under water where it sits on the floor of your body of water.}


Amazon Aquarium.z2f Amazon Bamboo.z2f Amazon Butterfly.z2f Amazon Loading Bars.z2f Amazonian Manatee.z2f Boto.z2f Brasilian Water Ivy.z2f Brazil Nut.z2f Brazillian Tapir.z2f Calicore Butterfly.z2f Copper Alternanthera.z2f Floating Meadow.z2f Freshwater Foliage Bed.z2f Giant River Otter.z2f Giant Water Lily.z2f Gray-Winged Trumpeter.z2f Piranha.z2f Rainforest Logs.z2f Small Eared Zorro.z2f Tambaqui.z2f Tucuxi.z2f Water Milfoil.z2f Water Stargrass.z2f Yellow-Spotted Amazon River Turtle.z2f

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57 minutes ago, Emmett Sutherland said:

The Brazilian tapir required Endangered Species.

ES is listed as one of the required downloads/expansions.

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