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Killer Penguin Adoption Hack

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Killer Penguin Adoption Hack

General Information:
Creator(s): Mjmannella
Language(s): N/A
Expansions Required: EA is required. MM is recommended to make the most out of the penguin, but it's not required.
Other Downloads Required:
Bugs (if any): None
Extra Information:
Credits (if any): None
Description (Optional): A simple hack that makes adult killer penguins adoptable like normal animals. I figured I make one since there isn't one on this site yet.
Number of Variants (if any): None
Bonus Features:
Public Domain? Yes
Permission to Reupload? Yes
Original Model? N/A
Original Sounds? N/A
Baby Variants? N/A
Baby Model? N/A
Zoopedia? Yes

zz- Killer Penguin Hack.z2f

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