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Tamara Henson

Eastern Gray Squirrel Hack

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Creator: Laura "Tamara" Henson & Ulquiorra

Credits: Hendrix for the original model and Ulquiorra for the rest.

Requires:  Ulquiorra's Eastern Gray Squirrel

Public Domain:  Yes

Language:  English

Bugs: none

This is a hack for Ulquiorra's Eastern Gray Squirrel that adds five new skins to the animal, all based on actual mutations found in the species. The hack also adds genuine squirrel sounds so your rodents no longer sound like lemurs. The zip file contains two packs that contain 5 new skins each to give the squirrel a total of 10 variants per pack. The packs are not compatible but contain the following skins...

PACK ONE: Solid  colors including the bizarre purple squirrel, brown (a common color here), raccoon tailed, red-tailed black, and a charcoal grey variant I saw near my old home.

PACK TWO: Party colors such as harlequin and a beautiful black variant that lived next door that had silver tail hairs just on the edge of the tail.

All Varients in download


Varient pack 1 in Game




Z_EasternGraySquirrel Varients.zip


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