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Requested Hacks

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General Information:
Creator: Lgcfm
Expansions Required: Depends
Downloads Required: Usually none
Language: Usually any
Bugs: None known

Extra Information:
Description: This is a collection of small hacks that I've made on request through the years. Some of these are highly specific but I'm posting them here so they are easier to find for other people who might also be interested in them.
If you want to request a hack you can send me a PM, but whether I do it or not will depend on the complexity of the hack and my time availability.

Riding Text
Adds the "Press spacebar to ride X animal" text. English only.

Riding Text.z2f

XXUnadoptable Extinct
Removes animals from the Extinct Animals expansion pack from the animal adoption menu. They can still be obtained through the cloning center.

xxUnadoptable Extinct.z2f

The dodo animations in case you don't have EA installed but want to use birds with its animation set (e.g, most waterfowl).


zzFreeform Roulette
Adds the adoption roulette to freeform games to spice things up, a counterpart to the Animal Roulette Removal Hack which does the opposite.

zzFreeform Roulette.z2f

zzSlow Lab
Makes the animal creation lab from EA go slow even at higher fame levels, but keeps everything else the same. Intended for people who have trouble pressing the keys fast enough but still want some sort of challenge. Based on Easy Fossil Hack, an alternative that makes everything easy.

zzSlow Lab.z2f

Official English lang files for ZT2, useful for making lang fixes or if you want to change your ingame language. Coded for Spanish games, you can change the language code to make it work on a different game. Most files from Hendrix's drive, bonus downloads from MJ.


zzz Main Menu ES music
Changes the main menu music to the ES theme. By modifying this file you could also make it use any other of the game expansion themes, or even a custom sound file. Just look for mainmenu_music and change the sound file.

zzz Main Menu ES music.z2f

Increases max number of guests at the zoo to 400.  Made by following the instructions at https://zt2mods.board-directory.net/t2-max-guests-mod.


zzzz Protarchaeopteryx Hack
Makes the Blue Fang Protarchaeopteryx non-agressive, omnivore and changes its biome to Temperate Forest, more accurate to the real animal.

zzzz Protarchaeopteryx Hack.z2f

Allows placement of the skytram poles on elevated paths.


zzzzzzzzzz Elephant Growing Hack
Makes female elephants able to mate again after their offspring become juveniles (instead of waiting until they are adults), allowing them to have two calves of different ages at the same time, true to real life. Also makes them grow up slowly and constantly instead of becoming immediately bigger for each lifestage. Compatible with the RR African Bush Elephant and Asian Elephant.

zzzzzzzzzz Elephant Growing Hack.z2f

zzzzzzzzzzzz NoHungerThirst Prey
Adjusts prey animals of all sizes so their hunger and thirst needs never become pressing, predators are unaffected. Meant for wildlife gameplay (I imagine) to make predators hunt while not worrying about prey starving. Modified from Thom's Happy Animals Hack, which does this for all needs and all animals.

zzzzzzzzzzzz NoHungerThirst Prey.z2f

Makes rocks placeable in tanks. That's all.


zzzzzzz Running Prey
Removes the alarm call behavior, making prey animals run instantly when they notice a predator instead of standing there, resulting in a better chance to escape.
So far only works for some RR and EAR animals, as well as my Sika Deer, as I couldn't find a way to apply it to all animals. Some animals were added by @dinoman9877.

zzzzzzz Running Prey.z2f

zzzzz Sell Animals Hack
Makes you get 80% of the money back for adopting out animals, works with any animal. Based on Collar's Placement Hack.

zzzzz Sell Animals Hack.z2f

zzzzzz Zookeeper dont place food
Zookepers won't place food or water dishes. They will still perform other functions like refilling containers, cleaning poo and healing animals.

zzzzzz Zookeeper dont place food.z2f

zzz No Poop Hack
Makes poop disappear automatically, and it's scentless so animals won't complain about it. Basically Thom's Happy Animals Hack, but with the need fixing removed.

zzz No Poop Hack.z2f

zzz Nicer Killer Peguin
Makes the killer penguin unable to kill XXLargePredators, and also changes its biome to coastal.

zzz Nicer Killer Peguin.z2f

Addition to Thom's Cheat Codes for morphing animals into Juvenile and Adolescent life stages, see here for more info.


Bonus Features:
Public Domain: ✓
Permission to reupload? ✓

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