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ZTABC Variants

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General Information:
Creator: Lgcfm
Original Creator(s): ZTABC Team
Language(s): Any
Downloads Required: Artiodactyla, Carnivora
Bugs: None known

Extra Information:
ZTABC for models and original skins.
Azrael & magpiealamode for testing.
Thom for bugfixing.

Variant skins for animals made by the ZTABC Team, all based on real photos.
These variants will show up in placed animals as well as those born in the zoo when they grow up.
Depending on the variant some might be as common as the normal skin, or very rare (albinos and special patterns).

Make sure they are below the original ZTABC files in your ZT2 folder for them to show up properly.
Might conflict with other animal hacks or variants.


Fallow Deer x8
White-tailed Deer x3 + new baby skin
Père David's Deer x4
Bighorn Sheep x3
European Reindeer x3

Eurasian Lynx x3
Serval x4

Bonus Features:
Public Domain? Yes, but credit ZTABC, my skins are just edits of their original ones.

Deleting variants you don't want

It is understandable that you might not want all these variants in your game, either because you don't use a certain animal, you don't particularly like those variants, you want to use alternative variants made by someone else, you don't want such a heavy file, etc. If that is the case you can easily delete those variants by doing the following:

1- If you don't have a zipping program, get 7-Zip. It's very useful and completely free, so you won't ever be asked to buy it like with winzip.
2- Open zzzzzzzzzzRR Variants.z2f using 7-Zip or another zipping program of your choice. No need to extract it.
3- You will see a folder called entities inside, with more folders inside it. For every animal that you don't want variants of, you will need to delete two things:
4- Go to entities/units/animals and delete the folders for the animals you don't want. Don't delete the ai folder.
5- Go to entities/units/animals/ai and delete the .xml files for the animals you don't want. Note that the names will be a bit different depending on the animal.

That's it, now your file contains only the variants you want.

zzzzzzzzzzZTABC Variants.z2f

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