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Lazy Ranch

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General Information:
Creator: Worldwide Designers United (WWDU) - Ailurus, JohnZTMaster, Kangorilaphant, Octavio1793, Realy, and  Warrior Bat
Language:  English
Expansions Required: ES, AA
Bugs: None

Extra Information:
Credits: JohnVM for having the download available
Description: A pack containing several farm animals, foliage, and buildings. More animals were planned before the pack stopped development.
Reuploading with SLGray's permission

Bonus Features:
Public Domain? Unspecified
Original Model?  Yes
Original Sounds? Yes
Baby Variants? No
Baby Model? Yes
Zoopedia? Yes

Permission to Reupload? Unspecified

Reskins and Variants:
The shire horse and mallard duck have 1 variant, the border collie has 2, the Suffolk sheep has 3, the donkey, Nubian goat, and llama have 4


Other Additions:
I included a product filter for this pack since it originally didn't have one.


Edited by SLGray
Minor spelling fixes
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