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African River Pack

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General Information:
Creator: Badisbadis101, Kyle Hilberg, SilesianTomcat, and TurtleStork
Language: 1536593079.6963-smiley.png
Expansions Required: AA, MM
Downloads Required: None
Bugs: None known. Please let me know if there are any bugs found!
Extra Information:
Credits: None
Description: Several animals from Africa. Includes the African forest buffalo, Tanganyika jellyfish, Nile lechwe, Cape clawless otter, spot-necked otter, and red river hog. Rehosting on UMC with permission from SLGray.
Bonus Features:
Public Domain? Unspecified
Original Model? Red river hog model is unique
Original Sounds? No
Baby Variants? No
Baby Model? No
Zoopedia? Yes
Reskins and Variants:
None of these animals have variants
Adjusted product filter of animals in the file. Added sounds to the forest buffalo.
Other Additions:
Badisbadis101 filter added.

Z-African River Pack.z2f

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