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Pig Pack

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Creator(s): Ulquiorra
Original Creator(s): HENDRIX, Tyranachu, Cyanide Games.
Language(s): English
Expansions Required : ES, AA, MM, EA, Tyranachu's pig carcass, my Duck Pack for Domesticated status.
Bugs (if any): Pigs may partially poke through the shelter when using it.
Credits (if any): HENDRIX (boar model), Tyranachu (pig model), Cyanide Games, Geert, Nessich & Thom (bramble model, skins & import)
Description (Optional): A pack containing some pig, a new shelter, a new food and a bramble, the bramble has model variants.
Contents: Tamworth Pig, Saddleback pig, Boar-pig hybrid, pig ark shelter, mast food, Bramble.

Public Domain? Yes
Permission to Reupload ? Yes
Original Models? No
Original Sounds? No
Baby Variants? No
Baby Model? Yes
Zoopedia? Yes



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