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Tamara Henson

Countries of the World: France

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Countries of the World: France

Designer:  Tamara Henson

Original Creator: Many talented designers need to be credited for the models, base skins, and original coding used to create this project, give thanks to...

Aurora Designs (For zebra model used for the hinny); Bunteriro (monkey); Bunyupy (adult and female juvenile Camargue Cattle); Chucha (original pigeon model); Cosmus (squirrel); dwyqyjt and XXH_New_Times (juvenile male and young Camargue Cattle); Hendrix/Dinosaurman (cat, kingfisher, tamarin, hare model (used for the acouchi), and sloth); Hendrix, MiBound, and Whalebite (snake); Jannick (nightjar and Poitou donkey); Platypus (original horse models and sheep, Raulfv (lorikeet); Slice (cat icon); Ulquiorra (rabbit and Domesticated status); Whalebite, Chucha, Dn and Eryel (young pigeon); and Zerosvalmont (agouti).

Requires: All Expansion Packs except for Marine Mania, Raical Remake, COTW Filter, WNW Toucan (for Lorikeet), and WNW boa constrictor (for European Asp). Nice to add but not required is Slice's Donkey Pack (for full use of the mule hack) and Henrix's Three-Toed sloth of which I have added new sounds.

Public Domain:  Yes

Language:  English

Bugs: None I have found.

Description: This pack includes animals native to the country of France, French Polynesia, and French Guiana. In addition to the 16 animals provided this download also includes the Poitou Pack which has two equines native to France (the Poioevin Horse and Poitou donkey) and the Mule Hack. With this hack the female Camarguais horse and male Grand noir du Berry from Slice's Donkey pack can breed to produce Slice's mule. In addition the Male Poitou donkey and female Poitevin Horse can breed to make the draft mule. The reverse crosses (donkey mother and horse father) make the hinny. Both the draft mule and hinny are included with this pack!


Blue Lorikeet  5pauNOf.png

Camargue Cattle (Bull/Cow)

mKi0UNM.png / ggMulx0.png

Camarguis Horse eDIrwmP.png

Cayenne Nightjar G2VA6N1.png

Charteux Cat kNsbWgW.png

Chattering Kingfisher XBGimuM.png

European Asp boGkeYd.png

Marquesan Imperial Pigeon

Neotropical Pygmy Squirrel

Pale-Throated Sloth 7RJ4kXv.png

Poitou Pack contains the:
Draft Mule zSVQQJN.png
Hinny dt78cLu.png
Mule Hack for Slice's Donkey 4ABFj5M.png
Poitevin Horse Js3L1N8.png
Poitou Donkey 2mYNpp4.png

Red Acouchi MMjIZGZ.png

Red-Faced Spider Monkey GtgJDKd.png

Midas Monkey or Red-Handed Tamarin oGp9cpF.png

Red Rumped Agouti OjEoySh.png

Rouge de lOuest Sheep 2qA0Oez.png

Tapeti Rabbit d4uyPO4.png

Blue Lorikeet.z2f Camargue Cattle.z2f Camarguis Horse.z2f Cayenne Nightjar.z2f Charteux Cat.z2f Chattering Kingfisher.z2f European Asp.z2f Marquesan Imperial Pigeon.z2f Midas Tamarin.z2f Neotropical Pygmy Squirrel.z2f Poitou Pack.z2f Red Acouchi.z2f Red-Faced Spider Monkey.z2f Red-Rumped Agouti.z2f Rouge de l'Ouest Sheep.z2f Tapeti Rabbit.z2f ZZZZ_Pale-Throated Sloth.z2f

Edited by SLGray
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