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Variant Selector Script

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General Information:
Creator: Lgcfm
Expansions Required: Any
Downloads Required: None
Language: Any
Bugs: None

Extra Information:
Credits: Thom for base script and writing help, Horse14t for adding variant to lab preview
Description: This script assigns a "variant" value ranging from 1 to 100 to every animal that is placed, born, created at the cloning center, etc. This value will remain constant when the animal grows up.
With just this file you won't notice any difference, but it is a requirement for animals that use the variant attribute coding to work. This allows them to keep their skins consistent through all life stages (e.g. albino baby grows into albino juvenile and then albino adult), with simple and efficient coding.

For designers, please check this tutorial so you learn how to apply this coding to your animals:

This file edits the main animal.xml, so if you had other hacks affecting it, they will conflict. To solve this, I've created several versions so you can choose what suits your needs. You only need to get one of these:

Bonus Features:
Public Domain: Yes

Permission to reupload? ✓


Also, because I know the script is pretty boring by itself, I'm giving you something to play with: the updated RR dodo variants I've been using to test it. Try placing or creating some albino dodos in the lab (might take you a few tries), and then breed them to see the variant coding in action!
Also take a look at how simple the coding is.

Updated RR Dodo variants:

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz RR Dodo variant test.z2f


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The variant selector script has been updated.   Also a new RR dodo variant script has been added.

Edited by SLGray

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