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New Athens Expansion Pack

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Creators: Tamara Henson & Bartlomies (WorkowatyWilczek)
Original Creator(s): : Z-Studio for donation box and Fountain, Slice for the Statues, JPSpino (BioHazard) for the live food coding
Language: English
Expansions Required: All
Bugs: The Fantasy Donation box lacks a zoopedia
Credits (if any): Whelbite for tips and the original mermaid skin.
Description: New Athens is a new expansion pack consisting of mythical animals and items appropriate for a fantasy themed zoo.
Contents: This initial download needs to be installed first. It contains the filter, animal food, and items needed to use the rest of the New Athen's packs.

Public Domain? Yes
Original Models? Yes
Original Sounds? No
Baby Variants? No
Baby Model? No
Zoopedia? Yes for all but the donation box.
If there is anything you'd like to list as well, please mention below: Other downloads will be added to this expansion pack as they are compleated.

New Athens_Install_First.z2f

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