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Draggable Marine Models

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General Information:
Creator: Lgcfm
Expansions Required: MM
Downloads Required: Ideally Radical Remake Marine Mania, but if you don't have it there is a version which doesn't need it.
Language: :en:
Bugs: None

Extra Information:
Credits: Thom for the draggability coding, as well as bugfixing help.
All of these statues are based on models and skins of existing animals, thus many thanks to the original creators:
7SeasDesigns for oarfish.
Aurora Designs for beluga, blue whale, bottlenose dolphin, goblin shark, green sea turtle, manatee, manta ray, marlin, narwhal, orca, and pilot whale.
Danny, -JimmyzHoopz- and Zebrasorus for humpback whale.
Eryel for coelacanth.
HENDRIX for sunfish (WLP import).
Jannick for common dolphin and right whale.
-JimmyzHoopz- for hammerhead shark.
Moana Designs for harbour porpoise.
Samuel for sperm whale.
Zerosvalmont for basking shark, whale shark, and white shark.
Whalebite for ropes.
Description: 23 marine animal statues for your aquarium and marine themed areas. Some hanging, some with floor support and some wall-mounted.  After placing, click on them (they will glow blue) and drag up and down to adjust the height as you wish, like with a tank wall.

Bonus Features:
Public Domain: ✓ (please note all animal models and skins belong to their original creators, so you should check permissions on them before using them).
Number of Variants: If you have the version for RR MM, MM animal models will have as many variants as the animal they're based on. Otherwise, none.
Zoopedia: ✓
Permission to reupload? ✓

Version for people with Radical Remake Marine Mania:

z Draggable Marine Models with RRMM.z2f

Version for people without it:

z Draggable Marine Models.z2f

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