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Terrarium Tool

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Creator: Thom
Expansions Required: None
Bugs: The tool makes objects lose their functionality. For example: animals can no longer climb trees that have been affected by the tool.
How to use:
1. Place the foliage/rock/scenery item
2. Select the Terrarium tool from the scenery window and place it in the center of your item
3. Select your foliage/rock/scenery item by clicking on it near its center.
Its name has now changed to 'Terrarium Tool'. If the name hasn't changed, something went wrong and you have to repeat the process explained above.
4. Place your foliage/rock/scenery item on the terrarium floor.

Public Domain: Yes. 
Permission to reupload: ✓


Terrarium Tool.z2f

Edited by SLGray

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