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Rock Building Set Pack

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General Information
Creator: Iben & Thom
Expansions Required: ZT2 MM
Bugs: N/A

- Walls (height 1-4)
- 6 different types of animal gates
- 2 different types of windows (normal, terrarium)
- Elevated path railings (height 0-3)

Scenery items:
- Arch
- 2 different types of columns

Bonus Features:
- Walls have a straight and curved version
- You can stack columns on top of each other
- Scenery objects automatically adjust to the height of adjacent walls

Additional information: To increase game performance, all models have been included in 1 base z2f file.
You have to download this base file first! The additional building set z2fs only include the xmls and textures. 
If you would like to create your own building set, download our template below. Simply add your own textures and change the codenames.

Public Domain: Yes. However, if you want to release a building set you have to use our coding template.
Permission to reupload:

Download this first!
Base z2f


Tropical Rock

Tropical Rockset.z2f

Nocturnal Rock

Nocturnal Rockset.z2f

Coding template for designers


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