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Ticket Vendor

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General Information:
Creator: Thom
Credits: Suggested by ChunkMasterBlast
Expansions Required: All
Language: :en: :du:
Bugs: N/A

Extra Information:
-The file only includes the ticket vendor so the fence you see in the picture is not included (you can download it a Zeta-Designs).
-Make sure the vendor is easy to reach (like in my video), otherwise guests will ignore him.
-This download has to override 'guest.xml', otherwise it won't work. I made sure it's compatible with my elevator which also has to override this xml. If the download doesn't work try adding more z's to the filename.
-When you try to select or delete it, you'll suddenly see a big cube. This is not a bug, adding the cube was the only way I could make the vendor selectable/deletable :P
-The gridsnap might seem weird but it's necessary for this download to function.

Bonus Features:
Public Domain? ✓
Permission to reupload ✓
Zoopedia? ✓


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