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Extra Carcass Sizes

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General Information:
Creator: Lgcfm
Expansions Required: MM
Language: Any
Bugs: None

Extra Information:
Credits: Blue Fang :P
Description: Has it always bothered you that killing a red panda creates a carcass the exact same size as an elephant? This hacks fixes this by including 7 more carcass sizes (land and marine):

(Regular carcass)

Smaller carcasses are cheaper and hold less food compared to larger carcasses.


They can be placed from the animal food menu (they are hidden from the zookeeper recs so they don't clog up that menu, but any animal that eats from the regular carcass, will also use any of the extra sizes):


Also, when one of the official animals (ZT2 + ES + AA + MM + EA + DDP + Bonus Downloads) dies, it will create a carcass of the appropiate size. It works with or without remakes. Younger animals also create smaller carcasses than adults of the same species.

Coding an animal to use them:
You just need to go to the animal's .beh file (in ai/tasks/animals) and look for the word "Carcass_Meat" or "Carcass_Chum_mm" (for marine animals), then add the size at the end like this: Carcass_Meat_XSmall. If you release an animal using a custom size carcass, don't forget to list this file as a requirement!

Bonus Features:
Public Domain: ✓
Zoopedia: ✓ (Carcass zoopedia)
Permission to reupload? ✓

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Extra Carcass Sizes.z2f

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